Beastly – Book Review ⭐️

Beastly by Alex Flinn is a Beauty and the Beast retelling. This will be a short review because frankly I don’t feel this book deserves any more of my time.

img_0367So after rereading and loving Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge I went in search of more retellings of Beauty and the Beast and opted for something based in a modern setting. This book was fairly short so I figured it would be a good in between book while I tackle 979 page whopper among a few others. Unfortunately I was anything but impressed by Beastly.

This writing in this book was mediocre at best and lacked creativity, I mean look at this quote I pulled up by just scrolling to a random page in the book on kindle.

“…it’s stupid to miss someone who’s been so mean, who left me without a look back.” – Location 2577.

And another…

“Just because something is beautiful doesn’t mean it’s good” – Location 2054

Wow, ground breaking stuff there ^. There were other quotes that were a lot worse but I’m not going to waste my time finding them again.

The characters were shallow and I still hated most of them even when the book finished. I can see why this book might have some appeal for those in their young teens but I struggled to finish it and was extremely disappointed when I did. And don’t get me started on the groundless instalove… just, no.

Anyway skip this one and save yourself some time and money. There are loads of fairytale retellings out there… don’t bother with this one.

Thanks for reading my slightly cynical review!





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