Why you should visit the Lamington National Rainforest

The Lamington National Rainforest sits on the Lamington Plateau of the McPherson Range near the Gold Coast. The O’Reilly’s resort at the top of the mountain is popular due to the wildlife tours offered and the picturesque accommodation.

First and foremost just look at this view. After winning a travel voucher through  a raffle we booked a rainforest villa with O’Reilly’s  for January this year that overlooked the valley and these photos were taken from our porch (yes that is literally a cloud passing through in the first image). Whether it was sunny, raining, cloudy etc the view was amazing regardless.




There is a tree top walk! For those of you like me who don’t particularly like heights there are two options with this walk. Firstly can just walk along this suspended bridges like I did (see pictured). Or if you’re more adventurous at the end of most bridges there are ladders that allow you to climb the trees to higher platforms. I wasn’t game enough but others reckon the view is fantastic.


There is so much wildlife there. O’Reillys runs bird walks and workshops which provides great information. Many of the birds are fairly tame and will even land of you if you have food.


There are also a lot of other critters around the rain forest. When we where there we did see a number of snakes, including one Red Belly Black so I’d recommend wearing good shoes that cover your ankles and being cautious when walking trails.


On the way up the mountain there is also an Alpaca farm! You can feed and pet these furry creatures through the fence and admire a view of the valley from the back of the cafe.



Got any questions or comments? Let me know!

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