My New Year Reading Slump

Hey all,

So as you may have already noticed I’ve been pretty quiet on the reading/ blogging front.

While working full-time, studying summer semester units at University and planning a trip overseas can be attributed for some of my silence and lack of reading time I’ve also been in a reading slump. Despite being really excited to read the newest Falling Kingdoms novel, Crystal Storm, and start the Six of Crows series I just could not get into either book. I also received Bright Smoke, Cold Fire in the mail recently and while I had been dying to get this book I haven’t been able to get past the first few pages.










However after catching the flu and being forced into bed rest I forced myself to try Crystal Storm again and can feel myself being sucked in again… yay! There are also a number of books being released this month I’ve been waiting for, one of them being Last Stand by Rachel E Carter (the Black Mage series) so hopefully I can dig myself out of this rut and get back to my normal 1-2 hours reading time a day because I really do love reading.


Anyway hope you’ve all had a wonderful new year. Thanks for reading!




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