Spring into Springbrook

Springbrook is a mountain and plateau in the Gold Coast hinterland of South East Queensland, Australia.

First of all after visiting Springbrook last week  and posting a few images to my Instagram (@georgiaswain) Visit Gold Coast (@visitgoldcoast) Australia (an Instagram with 189k followers) shared my pic! Wanna have a look at my short lived insta fame? Click here to see the post.

Anyway here is a brief overview of Twin Falls, Natural Bridge, Purling Brook Falls and Best of All Lookout (yes it is actually called that).






Twin Falls

img_0533      img_0536img_0516

Twin Falls is probably my favourite spot in Springbrook National Park. Not only is it a beautiful spot, it is a fairly nice hike without being too tricky and you can swim!  Unfortunately when we went we didn’t take any swimmers so we only dipped our feet and legs in but it was bliss! You can also walk behind the waterfall and stand under it (3rd and 4th pictures were taken from under/ behind waterfall). The full Twin Falls circuit is 4km and roughly a 2 hour return trip.



This little spot was on the round circuit track from Twin Falls and we couldn’t help but stop, sit and enjoy the serenity for a while before moving on. I personally think it was the best view of the Hinterlands/ Gold Coast we saw. Photos simply don’t do it justice!



Natural Bridge


The Natural Bridge is only a 1km walk and a gorgeous little spot where a waterfall finishes inside a cave. Unfortunately you can’t swim here but the short trek is well worth a look before or after doing one of the trickier trails. There are little waterfalls along the walk and as the track is sealed it is ideal for those who aren’t used to hiking.








Purling Brook Falls


Purling Brook Falls is another great waterfall where you can swim (however you can’t walk behind this waterfall). The full circuit to the bottom is 4km however you can view the waterfall from a lookout at the top that is a very short walk from the car park on a sealed track.








Best of All Lookout


Last of all is the Best of All Lookout. While this lookout is only a short walk from the car park it was unfortunately quite smoggy the day we went so I preferred the views on the Twin Falls circuit. It does provide a great panoramic view of the Gold Coast and was definitely worth a quick look despite the smog.


So what are you waiting for? Get down to Springbrook! Some more great spot nearby to check out are Mount Tamborine and O’Reilly’s (Mt Lamington National Rainforest).

Thanks for reading!


** All photos featured taken by myself. ©Georgia-Rae





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