In a few days I’ll be boarding my first ever international flight! Over the next six weeks I’ll be exploring England, Scotland, Wales, North Ireland, Ireland, France, Spain, Monaco, Switzerland, Vatican City and  Italy. This trip has been 2 years in the making so I’m super excited to finally be jetting off.

While there are a few days where myself and my travel buddy will be exploring areas alone, much of our trip consists of tours. I found a lot of great advice and tips on blogs while researching so when I’m back I will try to return the favour by writing about my travels. I’m writing the old fashion way in a journal whilst on the trip and will transfer my top tips and favourite parts into blog posts when I get back. I’ll try to post some photos up on my Instagram while I’m on the road so feel free to follow along!

I have set up scheduled posts that will appear while I’m away but if I’m not interacting or responding it’s just because I have a limited wifi connection.

If you have any tips or advice for me on the places I’m going feel free to comment them or send me a message πŸ™‚

Take care everyone!



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