Guess who’s back…

ME! That’s who. Yeah sorry probably got your hopes up it was someone cool. Anyway I’m back after six weeks of trekking through Europe. I visited twelve countries over 42 days and did loads of dorky (but also great) touristy things.

thumbnail_IMG_9540I started out in the UK, traveling through England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Wales. I’ll be doing some posts on what I loved and what to see when visiting these countries but overall the UK is awesome. I love it. So much.

I then jumped on a ferry across to France and traveled through Andorra, Spain, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy and the Vatican City (yes this is a country). I’ll also write up some information on these great countries 🙂

Now I traveled with a friend from I went to high school with (also a girl) and neither of us spoke anything but English. While I’ve traveled ‘overseas’ to New Zealand before (it counts okay!) my friend had never been overseas so it was a lot of firsts for both of us. So how did we travel safely through twelve countries I hear you ask? With the help of two Topdeck Travel tours and a short tour of the Scottish Highlands run by Highland Explorers. While I’d love to return and explore these countries on my own now I know how it all works, the tours were a great way to safely get around and get a feel for each place.

I’m probably boring you now but I promise my upcoming posts about my travels will have some good information and I’ll try to make them interesting. I’ll also still be posting book reviews on Wednesdays as per usual and I’ll be responsive now where I wasn’t while I was overseas as my posts were scheduled in advance.

Thanks for reading!



5 thoughts on “Guess who’s back…

  1. So, I think you should do a blog post about the research you did to plan the trip and about the cost of travel, if you are okay with sharing that! I would love to travel like this when our house sells and I have no clue where to begin in planning!

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