The Unearthly – Book Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Be careful of whom you trust. Sometimes knowledge from the dead has a way of cursing the living.”

The Unearthly is the first book in The Unearthly series by Laura Thalassa.

UnearthlyBorn a siren, Gabrielle Fiori has more supernatural blood running through her veins than she realises.

After arriving at Peel Academy, an elite supernatural boarding school in the British Isle, Gabrielle is given an elixir meant to fully awaken her supernatural abilities.

Twelve hours later she wakes up in a morgue and now she must seek help from the community’s infamous bad boy and king of vampires, Andre de Leon.

Unfortunately someone is after Gabrielle and multiple attempts are made on her life. With the devil looming and trying to reel Gabrielle in she will have to tread carefully.

“Seriously Gabrielle? Look who you’re talking to—I’m a gay fairy. I’m the world’s biggest cliché.”

Okay so while Andre could be a pompous pain in the butt sometimes the tension between him and Gabrielle was pretty great. Andre really doesn’t act like someone extremely old but that seems to be a common occurrence in books with ‘old’ vampires in young bodies. Why three stars I hear you ask? Well Andre was kind of a jerk majority of the time and Gabrielle constantly put herself in dangerous situations despite knowing better… but it’s still worth a read in my opinion.

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