The not so simple task of planning a 6 week trip

With my recent trip to Europe being my first ‘big trip’ there was a lot of planning, budgeting and pre-booking required to ensure everything went smoothly. We spent over six weeks traveling twelve countries and also had to factor in 24 hours worth of flying to and from Europe (why is Australia so far away from everything…) and of course the dreaded jet lag.

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Spring into Springbrook

Springbrook is a mountain and plateau in the Gold Coast hinterland of South East Queensland, Australia.

First of all after visiting Springbrook last weekΒ  and posting a few images to my Instagram (@georgiaswain) Visit Gold Coast (@visitgoldcoast) Australia (an Instagram with 189k followers) shared my pic! Wanna have a look at my short lived insta fame? Click here to see the post.

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